Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tues Update, Early!!

Was up about 4 am, did a little slingbox video, then a short 30 min nap, back up at 645. Off snorkeling by 715. Was feeling pretty brave with my skills, until... I was on a tour underwater and was snooping under the coral gardens looking for lobster when I came face to face with a big shark! Totally unexpected, and really didn't plan on my face being about 1 foot away from HIS face... glad he was sleeping and decided not to be aggressive, in fact I pointed him out to Dave a few minutes later.

Later, I saw yet another shark, this one a little bigger, estimated about 5 feet long. Assuming it like the other was a nurse shark, sleeping in the strong current flow through the cut.

Like the first one, didn't seem to mind me invading its territory, which is a good thing, because I am sure I can't out swim a shark, regardless how much weight I have lost!

Back to the beach, re-geared up with fishing gear, replacing our masks and snorkels.

Ohh, we also picked up a local, Antonio who lives in the area, and is our source for sardines. Here, sardines are king for bait. Now time to cut bait or fish!

Fish we did, well after walking a about 500 yards out to a small coral patch.

This coral patch was pretty productive, me and Dave holding our reels and poles above the water as we waded out, Antonio with his gear on his wrist. His gear was a roll of line, a hook and a weight. Plus the all important sardines.

The water we were standing in was so deep that we'd have to reach up to cast, only to be put to shame by Antonio doing a lasso type movement that landed his rig much further than our expensive setups.

I'm not sure who caught the most or the biggest fish, mostly snapper, but if you know Dave, you'll have to ask him about him dropping his pole in the water and his inability to easily retrieve it.

I made the comment that I normally had to pay for a comedy show, but this one was free and I was catching fish at the same time! We were all laughing so hard.

Ended up the trip about 5 hours later, way to much sun, but glad that I was in my long sleeve shirt and jungle hat. My cheeks and nose were about all that got a little to much sun.

Returned to home base and cleaned the fish, has fresh snapper tacos and salad. Now relaxing, and getting ready for the rest of the week.

Scorecard: 3 miles of riding, 1 hour of snorkeling and several hours of fishing.


Erica said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for not getting eaten by a shark. =) Love you!

Anonymous said...

have you every heard of sunscreen?

There are two things that I will never do that are unnatural......go down the side of a mountain skiing when it is cold.......or breath under water.

Anonymous said...

And what is Erica doing up at 2am?