Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Man, I hate this... Just a little over a week left. I still have a lot to do:

Mon 23 - Town in the am, Fished way to late, but had fun. Hint: don't take a canoe to the ocean with someone that doesn't know how to steer in the back, and have strong current and winds.

Tue 24 - Not sure

Weds - 25 Diving?

Thurs - 26 Park Rangers, (if they show up) till 1 pm, then get cleaned up for the big Sueno Del Mar Thanksgiving dinner.

Fri - 27 ? Black Friday, I plan on getting up at 5 am and hitting the stores... No wait, they have no idea what black Friday is in Belize, yet alone any stores with bargains! Happy Black Friday shopping to all. I'll miss my annual run to Home Depot, but that's life in the slow, Belize lane! - San Pedro

Sat - 28 Blue Hole, San Pedro

Sun - 29

Mon - 30

Tue 1

Wed 2 - Depart No diving for 24 hours prior

Outstanding -

Blue hole trip, that will require at least a night in town prior, because the boats leave at 7 am, for an all day 3 tank dive. Its several hours (3?) from here to the blue hole. I hope to make this an earth cache, a geocache that doesn't require a physical cache.

Hunting Trip - not sure what that is all about, but I'm game ha!

Nature trail - Take a hike in the jungle... not sure about this one, when the locals that don't get bothered by the bugs say take lots of bug spray.

Another trip to the Poly Clinic, Need to drop off the rest of the medical donations I brought.

Island Ferry Refresher- CPR, First aid for the group.

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