Monday, November 23, 2009

Sat Fishing

We went out with a local fishing outside the reef. Was a very slow day, fishing wise, or I should say landing the fishing wise. I had what the locals thought must have been a huge grouper, as it bent the pole I had in to a "J". It went into the coral, where my 17 pound line was no match.
Speaking of poles, Arlen, another guy from Wichita went out with us. He jumped on at the last minute, and didn't have a pole. The locals here rarely use a pole, most use a hand reel.
By hand reel, we are talking about anything that you can line fishing line around. From a Belikin (beer) bottle, up to a spool that you would by fishing line on, all the way up to a bigger reel that you can slip over your arm.
No more broken tips of fishing poles if you fish like the locals!

Arlen caught this on a hand line, he had quite the fight.

Arlen stood back and let the locals land this guy, a black tipped reef shark, I believe.

A quick shot for the camera, then back in the water.
Overall, fishing here wasn't very good, but I did do better doing some reef fishing later on. Reef fishing is were you wade out in the water, as deep as you feel you want to.
My first exposure to this was water just above the waist, now I have been in water that was up to my shoulders, and you had to hold your arms above your shoulders to keep your pole out of water.
I was pretty innovative with holding the pole in my mouth to bait, and placing the butt of the pole in my shirt pocket to remove fish. No place for a camera when fishing like this.

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