Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tues Bike Ride

Some of the fruit here.

Fish Tacos!

I headed North on the beach, then west via the old nova shrimp place on the bike. got attacked by dogs at Nova, but escaped unharmed. The bike ride continued on through the jungle, I stopped to turn around at the swamp, and was going to take some pics, but I was worried that the mosquitoes were going to carry me off, and this was with a generous portion of OFF applied. I turned the bike around and started moving, finally after I worked up some speed and got out of the undercover, most of them were gone.

Sorry no pics of the jungle ride, but felt pretty good to get away mostly unscathed.

Total jungle ride 5.62 miles today.

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Erica said...

Love it! That is soooo fun! I am glad you are having fun! =)