Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thurs PM

Boat to the Blue Lotus

Indian Food at the Blue Lotus

DL check in Belize

Storm moving in....

Pre Ida?

0800 Off to town for the 14 mile boat ride to town where I plan to share a cab with another member of this resort. We only have at best 90 minutes to shop. While in the states, this might not seem like a big deal, our daily shopping trip will take us to several places. Not near as convenient as running down the street and shopping at your local supermarket of Wal-mart!.

Just some light showers today, but still wishing we had the partially covered boat back.

Did a little fishing this afternoon in-between the rain showers, , we had 6 keepers, which we had for supper tonight. Its 915, way past my bedtime, look for updates when I can.


Diane said...

Is this Journey's End?

CVEE said...

no, Sueno del Mar