Monday, November 16, 2009

Boat Accident update

It’s reported around 700 pm on Sunday Nov 15th, 2009 that the Sueno Del Mar and a Costal Express boat collided in the White sands Dive shop region. This is approx 2/3rds of the way to town from Sueno Del Mar Resort. The Sueno Del Mar boat had a Captain and one Sueno Del Mar employee on board. The Sueno Del Mar employee has died, and the Captain was air evacuated from Ambergris Cay approx 900 pm. As of 700 am, the captain is in intensive care with a collapsed lung, a chest tube, a open fracture to the ankle, requiring surgery and they have placed pins in his ankle. He also has a fractured shoulder and other cuts and bruises.

Unknown how many people were on the Costal Express Boat, but it is reported that no one on that boat sustained serious injuries.

It was a tragic event and I am deeply saddened and shocked. Our prayers go out to all involved.


Diane said...

This must be the boat to the mainland or used a lot????????

Anonymous said...

I just hated hearing this. When Emily and I were talking about it, we talked about how the staff at Sueno is like family and that they are what made our Belize trip so much more awesome than it would have been. Such great people. I'll be keeping these families in my prayers.

CVEE said...

The resort I stay at is about 15 miles from town. This is the boat that I use almost every day, sometime several times a day.

I have known the boat Capt for 4 years and consider him a close personal friend.

The gentleman that died had only been at the resort 2 months, leaves behind a 7 month old baby, and was my first contact upon arrival this year.

It's a sad day here.