Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon Thoughs

I just got back from town, had to go pick up some fresh fruit, bananas, oranges, limes, tomatoes, papaya and some onions. All of that was priced pretty reasonable. My couple next door asked me to pick them up some tonic water.

I did.. $14.95us for two 1 litter bottles! But wait... get this. Jary want me to get her some sour cream. 4 stores later, and $4us I was the happy new owner of some sour cream. You'd think that would be quite a bit of sour cream, nope, not at island prices. you setting down? $4us got me a single 8 oz package. Glad I don't use that stuff anymore!

Shout out to my buddy John, who should be recovering from a total knee replacement, hope you are doing well, and I'll see you soon!

Just In Time (JIT)

It the states everyone wants to keep the inventory low, so not to have a lot of $$$ tied up in inventory. Well, let me tell ya, I think they may have it figured out down here.

I stopped a little place to eat, I don't even know what you would call this place, its more like a hallway, that has 3 two top (2 seats ea) tables. Anyway, I have eaten there before and always enjoyed it.

Today, as I was waiting for my food, I noticed that when I ordered a coke lite (no diet coke here, its not masculine enough for the guys here) I guy walks in the back, (got some $$) walked across the street and bought me a coke lite. Good service, or JIT inventory? you be the judge. Ohh, and for the record I was there about 30 minutes total, and he made a total of 3 trips. Coke lite for me, and coke lite for another gringo (American) and a head of cabbage.

Its all supply and demand.

Ranger update- they were a no show today. Phone? Ha, Radio? Ha? Email? Ha, not where they are staying.

Sat - scheduled to go fishing, we'll see how that goes!

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