Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It was a long night here Sunday night, with all that is going on with the boat crash. As Virginia said, the people down here really do make it feel like family.

Capt Antonio saw me on the dock a week of so ago when I was talking pictures of the dolphins in the bay. He said "Hey Charlieee (he liked to drag out the e) grab your camera I'll take you out there... he did, I was within feet of them. For a flatlander, this was amazing. Something he sure didn't need to do. He like most all of the other staff is like that.

I saw Cesar giving Hobie Cat Sailing lessons just a few days ago. Always soft spoken, and smiling.

Yesterday was a day of fishing, we uses the uss dana dingy to go to the reef. Dave, the guy next door and I fished for a few hours. I lost quite a few fish, as they would head to the coral as soon as you set the hook, the coral would cut the line.

We then snorkeled around the same area, one side calm, because of the reef, the other side big breaking waves, that could toss you in the coral.

Later on the afternoon, I headed North on the bike, went as far as Rocky Point, about 4.5 miles round trip. The last .5 or so was so bad that you couldn't ride due to deep sand, rocks and garbage.

Not a lot of people get up there, and with the reef right next to the shore, lots of debris ends up on the shore.

May try to fish again today, may have to go to town to stock up on groceries. Nothing like a close quicktrip here, the trip alone takes 90 minutes out of your day.

Stay safe, live life to its fullest, you never know.....

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