Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Plans

From an email with the National Park in Belize


Hey Charlie;

Well I should be back at the reserve on thursday and will probably try to give you a visit on friday so that we can plan to take out a day to go and take some pictures of bleaching and other stuff. Also to see if we can take some GPS points and then you can give us some more points where we can put in more marker buoys.

We want to properly demarkate all the different zones (conservation, preservation, and general use zones) and also would like to put a buoy in the back are of the reserve (back side where our station is located).

After we are finish with that I would like to see if we can do some water work and photograph and identify all the corals, fishes and marine creatures we find at Bacalarchico.


I'll consider this my charity work for Belize! Hopefully, I'll be in some areas diving that are protected and not open to anyone. Could be some pristine areas.

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