Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Scuba - updated

This was a dive to Bacalar Chico Canyons. Started out about 35 feet and ended up about 90 feet. I was diving with a computer, so I had a bottom time of around 45 minutes. This was a two tank boat dive, they charge $75us for. We started at 930am and by 100 pm we had the both dives in and a lunch break. I dove with my contacts, and one of them bothered me a bit later on in the day, so I didn't dive on Monday.

This was my first scuba with the housing for my little point and shoot cannon, it's still a learning curve for me, but I am happy with it.

Poor lighting on the fish, he wasn a little skiddish and I couldn't get very close.

This lobster was about 24 inches tip to tail and would have been great on a plate. We were in the marine reserve, so I didn't try to grab him.

This is Capt Joe reaching for a 36 inch barracuda

This is the dreaded lion fish, he was in about 65 foot of water, Capt Joe took off his gear at 65 feet so he could take off hit tshirt to make a net out of it. We actually had this guy netted for a bit before he escaped. Joe was going to take him to the surface to dispose of him.

Trigger fish... also inspiration for some of the animation movies, but I don't recall which one.

I felt like a sorority girl here taking this picture of my self! Ha

One of my favorite most colorful fish, a Queen Angel. I use to see them on almost every dive in Cozumel, but they are pretty rare today. Not sure if it is the location or the general decrease of the quantity of this fish.

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You really made the sorority girl laugh at that picture!