Friday, November 28, 2008

Weds - Dinner Boat

A couple of times a week Sueno del Mar has a late night boat to town, to allow those that might want to visit San Pedro in the evening for dinner, etc.
One of the owners here had made a connection to a guy he use to work with back in 85 from Bolder Co. It sounded like a long shot, but we decided to try to find the place.

We didn't have a lot of details about the new place, but went in search of it anyway.

We found it, it is about 2.5 miles North of town. They haven't been open very long, but we were willing to try the place.

Sign for the place off the golf cart trail.

Cart side entrance - Bella Vista Resort.
We started with a few tapas (appetizers) This was Baked Artichoke Parmesan dip. It was fabulous. We also had bacon wrapped dates and another one that the name escapes me, but something with ham.
This was the two entrees, one was the pirate sandwich, (excellent) the other was paella, a rice dish. Both were very good. (Don't let my taste for rice influence you on this dish. Some at our table said it was the best they have ever eaten.)
Three small scoops of vanilla ice cream with rum caramelized pineapple and two dollops of creamy carmel. WOW, this was great!
Bruce, one of the owners and the Chef from Spain.
If you get a chance, give this place a try, I think you will be pleased.

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