Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday - Town is closed

I was going to go to Bowdens and get some shrimp, but they were closed. I went snorkling instead looking for a few red snapper for supper. All I saw were really small ones.

I did see a huge morey eel, about 5 feet long, and what I estimate was a 4 foot octopus.

Then I saw this... well, I really didn't see him like this, but you can do the math.

I had to fight off a 4 foot eel that thought he would take it from me.

ohh and below is the rest of the story


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Anonymous said...

I have been having such a kick reading your blog. I am so jealous. I have always wanted to just spend a month in the Caribbean. Love the pictures of t he food. I still think you should find a beauty salon and get your hair dyed blonde while you are there so you can look just like Guy on the Food Channel.

Stay safe.
Your sister