Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Reef!


Yesterday, I headed out to the barrier reef in a small kayak.

It's a short (long if it is blowing like yesterday) trip from the pier here.

The conditions were not to favorable, but I really wanted to dive. I loaded up all of my gear, and off I went.

Two strokes forward and the waves and wind, pushing me back about a stroke. No way to really measure it, but it is sure it's true, or at least what it felt like.

Not sure how long it took me to get to the reef, as time kinda stands still on this journey. Once I arrived at the inside edge reef, I was just a few feet away from outside of the reef.

Today the waves were wild, here again difficult to measure when you are in a small kayak, but guessing 6-10 feet. Let's just say, I knew I was one wave away from capsizing.

I kinda planned for that, as I had all of my gear lashed and tied in. Still was really hoping it didn't happen.

Where I was I could look out of my tiny little kayak and see the purple sea fans waving in under the waves, as if saying:

come one in....

The waters fine....

Then I did it. to be continued.

If you want me to continue, leave a comment, I'd like to hear from everyone that is reading the blog... otherwise, I'll return to Paradise, and enjoy my days here...


Ok, a few readers out there,,, good! Now back to the kayak. I was at the end of the reef, looking for a place to dive, I could look overboard and see under the water, fish, corals sea fans, etc. All very inviting.

All would be there for me another day. I opted out of this dive because the conditions were not favorable. I started my long journey back, disappointed that I didn't dive, but safe.

Back at the palapa, grabbed a Belikin and watched the waves crashing in at the reef, just about 500 yards away.

The sea tempted me, but I escaped unscathed.


Anonymous said...

I am reading it and would love to hear the rest.

We went out in a boat near the reef when we were there and got too near the coral. We had to physically hold the boat off the coral with what we had on board. I saw panicked faces on the owners faces.

Your sister

Everything is alive in the water there.

We ate more conch than lobster as it was better. Have you tried that? Or the lobster pies?

San Pedro has developed much more than when we were around. We stayed at Ramons but I don't remember a pool. I remember the cabanas though and the man made beach.


Anonymous said...

I read it..keep it up!
Tell me about scuba

Anonymous said...

I read it..keep it up!
Tell me about scuba

Anonymous said...

Andrea and I are reading your blog every day...so BLOG ON!!!