Monday, November 24, 2008

Extended Town Tour

Sat I went to town and went to Pedro's. Since it was going to be a late night, I got a room at the Banana Beach resort.

I stayed at banana beach, in a banana room, with a banana key, slept on a banana bed, saw real banana's growing right outside my room, and felt obligated to eat banana pancakes!

But, for the record, I didn't do any monkey business... (the gift shop)

This is a short recap for Sat / Sunday.

Banana Pancakes!

One of the guys from the resort and his girlfriend.


Iguana anyone?

Banana Beach Resort

No banana shaped pool.. they are slipping!

Right outside my room.

No adult in sight.. walking down the highway

Whats a bar without a bird?

Laurie is clocked in and working.

BBQ Ribs at BCs beach bar... Great stuff!

A few of the boarders....

The famous Laurie caught in the act!

The first annual "Sauce Off" like a BBQ cook off with out the meat!

I'm sure this is on a wanted poster someplace. I got a lot of requests, I hope everyone is happy!

Sunset over town.

A night shot on the back of a moving boat in heavy seas. A couple of guests here.
They are really doing it up big at the Palappa here for Thanksgiving!

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