Sunday, November 9, 2008

Xcalak, Mexico

We made a trip to Xcalak Mexico today... It is a very small sleepy little fishing village about 12 miles north in Mexico...

Twin Lighthouses

Cheep! Anyone want to help me flip this baby?

We were the new owners first customers. This was one of the kids from Sueno (And Wichita KS)

Indoor plumbing outside?

I'm really glad that they can't re-fill this one!

Just a few of the Sueno crowd

The buy of the day... sorry to say I wasn't in on the deal. That's all tail, they removed the head just a few minutes before this shot.

After hitting a rouge wave on the way to Xcalak and having one of the group go overboard, safety first!

Capt Chris!

Robert, Berta, Jary et al

Jary and Dana

9 oercent beer... this was one of four different kinds. Seems if they kept running out

My garlic shrimp, it was WONDERFUL!

Xcalak a Town of 300, has an ambulance, San Pedro 12,000 plus doesn't??????

Nasty Clouds at Sueno Del Mar
Waiting for me, once I got home... wonder if it tastes like chicken?

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Erica said...

Even though that is yucky looking weather, I am sure it is alot better than the rainy cold crap here! Whatever! You would be loving paradise and sitting back with a beer in the palapa and laughing at all of us in Kansas... :)

I'm glad you are having a good time! I miss you so much already! Love you!