Monday, November 10, 2008

Only 3 weeks left....

Monday… Only 3 weeks left… damn…

Started the day with an early moring boat ride to town. Attempted to meet with the ACER folks, meet with Fredrick, he stated to comeback at 930.

I have about an hour and 15 to kill, so off to island perk to talk Geocaching.

Island perk Though that they were would be to busy to help manage the geocache, Drats,.. but hold the phone..Melody from the art gallery next to Crazy Canuks said should would help out! Yea!!

We visited about the cache, and she is excited about it. I need to make a trip to her business to get final cords and we’ll be good to go!

I had just enough time for some fry jacks, and some local bacon., eggs and potatoes.. not to mention fresh squeezed orange juice.

Went back to the ACER HQ and the business owners some issues that had cropped up and they needed to attend to them.

So off to the markets for some groceries for supper.

No super dillions or wal-mart mega centers here… The greenhouse for fresh vegetables, the sausage factory for meat, super buy for canned goods and pasta.

I would normally go to the bakery for bread, but to catch the 10:30 boat back to I ened up getting a loaf of bread there.

Surprise… as I walk outside, it had started to rain… since moste everyone walks to everyplace here, including me, I was on foot in the rain.

Only four of us on the boat, so I could crawl under the small top (Think awing) Lots more rain on the 12 miles home.

Checked my email, saw that someone from AXCER was disappointed today, so I offered to catch the next boat to town, but didn’t get a response. so it was off to fish.

We went fishing for a while and caught some bait for the lobster pots.

I went back after the mask, fins and snorkel so I could place the pots right were I wanted.

Saw lots of lobster while I was placing the pots and a few fish.. Went after the sling and between the sling, fishing and going to the reef at Nova shrimp dock and 2 of us fishing we ended up with 6 keepers.

Look for more later…

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Erica said...

How about you bring some fry jacks home for us!? I just remembered how AMAZING they were! haha, well, I'm sorry that it was kind of a disappointing day ;) Well, I love you and have so much fun! Miss you!! :-*