Friday, November 21, 2008

Code team room, err curtain one!

You can't really call this a room, and even calling it a curtain is pushing it.

Let me back up, and bring you up to speed.

Yesterday I went to meet with some of the island doctors, and a tour of the faculties at the clinic.

I pass maybe 50 most all with baby's in line waiting to be seen. This is worst than the triage counter at St Joe on a Sat Night!

Anyway, after getting past the line, my tour begins. Not many photos, as this is a medical clinic.

Just some general observations: A medical faculty without hot water?, Most all of the restrooms are posted "no service", no lead shielding around the x-ray machine that they just received a few weeks ago? A glass window on one side, an open hall of the other. Most all of the air conditioners are not working, and it is hot in here.

I ended up volunteering all of my day at the clinic. Trying to make some sense of the rooms, what little equipment they had, and what supplies they had.
I was directed to a area where they think they would like to be used for emergencies. It is also the only room that a cart / gurney could be used, if they ever get an ambulance.

Crash cart... where to begin on this.

The crash cart was locked and no one had keys... Lets just say that's not a problem anymore.

I dug up some old ancient equipment, managed to get a 3 lead ekg, and pulse ox and a automatic blood pressure cuff set up and installed on the cart.

Crash cart is set up best I could for the time I had. It now has a suction, no yankars, a few NG tubes, 4 bags of fluid... (no one can remember that the last time an IV was started) some occlusive dressings, two drip sets and 4 different IV caths.
Code drugs? None on the cart. They say they have Nitro and epi in the pharmacy.

Far from perfect, but as they sort out the stuff, hopefully they will add to it.

Kinda hard to get a rescue team moving forward, if they can't take the patient anywhere!
I'm sure I'll be sending more time here before I leave.

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