Saturday, November 22, 2008

San Pedro Town, golf cart tour

Today was explore San Pedro Town Day. We rented a golf cart (no auto rentals to anyone but BZE)

These are just random shots, in and about town.

The bakery near the "cut" in the North end. The "cut: is a small divide between two large land masses. for many years the only way other that swim or boat was a hand drawn ferry.

Self serve.

The locals feed the free range crocs.

Faint ocean rainbow

Ramon's resort pool. read: $$$$$$

Local fruit stand. I bought a gallon a squeezed while I waited orange juice. $7.50 us It is outstanding!

The first splurge (lobster) of my trip. This was from Waramunga's This and fish tacos, two sodas cost $24us

Local fish tacos

Looking north from the beach.

Fanta, Estel's, Belize... all I need is a GPS, and I'd be set!

Two years ago these were all sand roads. the cobblestones are a huge improvement. This is downtown San Pedro town.
Ok, I have tons of pictures, but this will give you a good overview of the town.

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