Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday - The big crash!

I took off on a bike ride... now I used to ride a bike a lot, but that was many years ago and a few pounds lighter, plus this was on mostly paved roads.

Can you see where I am going with this? No paved roads, a few extra pounds and old gringo on a regular bike. (no 10 speed bikes here because of all the corrosion)

Anyway, I was getting along fine, yea those bike seats aren't padded enough, but I was having a good time. It was all fun and games until I tried to turn to quick.

The landing wasn't that bad, but I was on the ground for a few seconds before I got up. No big deal, right?

WRONG, especially in the jungle!

I noticed something biting me.. I looked down and had small black ants that apparently hadn't had any fresh meat for a while, and they decided to feast on me!

I was swatting them off for 5 minutes, only to find out they were all over my back also! Finally had to take my shirt off to get rid of them.

I am glad that this happened in the jungle, where no one was around, because a picture of a shirtless overweight gringo in the jungle swatting ant wouldn't be a pretty site.

The former nova shrimp company building. Security guards had a small cooking fire going. No power all the way down here, and the generators stopped long ago.

This was part of the filtration system.

Came back to the villa, and had some prophylactic guacamole. This was with some of the fruit that we picked up when we were at the farmers market ion the mainland in Belmopan.

Yum!! (ohh, the belikin beer is not an optional beverage with this stuff, it is required!

(Yes, those are real avocados)

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