Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Weds 12/27/2006

Weds 12/27/2006

Big day today, as I went diving with Ecologic Divers and the girls went Parasailing (well, some of them did) followed by some shopping. I think the girls will have an entry here soon!

We did two dives near San Pedro, one 85 foot deep and went through several coral caverns. Saw lots of coral, but not as many fish or reef critters as Cozumel. Not sure if this is because of the location or timing since my last dives there. It was still a great dive, and had a good time. After a little surface interval back at the boat dock and a review of the video shot during our first dive, we geared up for a second dive. Gilbert and the rest of the staff were very accommodating, and I would not have a problem diving with them again.

Neither dive did we see any turtles or rays, but I saw the tail of a hammerhead as he headed over the coral reef. Saw a few more sharks on the second dive; I’ll try to grab some stills from the video when I get it.

We came back to the villa and relax after our town trip and had snapper for supper. Chef Dwayne did a great job, but that appears to be the norm here in a lot of ways.

Our staff here has gone out of there way making sure that we didn’t want for anything! What a great staff, it will be disappointing to have to tell them goodbye.

Not sure what the temp was tonight, but it sure was cool, even for someone accustom to cold weather.

Just one more full day here and its back to reality.

Look for more updates soon!

C – Out!

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