Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Belize Navidad or Christmas Day!

Belize Navidad or Christmas Day!

Our day started out pretty much like any other day, kinda quiet here. We signed up for Christmas dinner at the Palapa, and then off to town for mass at the open air Catholic Church. We went to the main church of town, and it was pretty low attended when we first arrived. All through out the service, people kept coming in. . . . I guess everyone here has a different Belizean time than others! Even a local dog walked in and sat down beside us and stayed for the service.

After the service we played Santa, and gave out a bunch of gifts that we brought. The kid’s faces really lit up when they received the gifts. We picked up a few supplies and headed back to the Villa.

Time to relax again (see a theme yet?) and get ready for a Belizean Christmas Dinner. The dinner was slated to start at 3, and we sure didn’t want to be late. It was at the palapa and most everyone around joined us, even some neighbors and the ancillary staff of the resort.

We were pretty worried, (Ok, the girls were) of what our Traditional Belizean Christmas dinner “151” might be.

It started out with some wonderful potato salad, followed by some traditional rice and beans, turkey and ham, stuffing, gravy and sweet potatoes. Then the151 part. The chefs had created some fabulous bread pudding topped with some 151 rum.

Robert from town had come out to join us and after supper he got out his guitar. Most everyone in the place either joined in or was there for moral support as Erica, John, John’s wife, Emily and Virginia sang.

The crowed seems to enjoy the songs, and we even had a request for “O Danny Boy” after hearing Erica. They all were wowed by her “silky” voice…as they described it. Our lead vocalist didn’t know the words, but a few minutes on the net and we had that figured out.

O Danny Boy isn’t a song that you do cold turkey, so we held off on the public performance. I guarantee you that if we all return that it will be the number one request!

David, and family, John and family, Kevin and Rhonda (don’t ever open Chocolate around her) Jason and his wife, Greg and his family and all of the staff were are family away from home and were great friends to be around.

All in all we spent 8 hours at the Palapa, playing cards, some playing darts, some singing even some babysitting the little ones that seemed to be to wound up to get to bed!

It wasn’t Christmas at home, but none the less it was a very enjoyable evening with some new friends.

C – Out! (Charlie, Carl or Chuck. . . )

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