Thursday, December 28, 2006

Water Fun!

We just came in from an amazing day of water fun. It took us about 2 hours to get everything figured out, and still all stayed in good! Erica got her crash course in her diving gear from our favorite dive instructor. We gals dressed in our beautiful lycra wet suits... nope, NO pictures... and we were off on our adventure. By the time we walked to the pier, Chico was doubled over laughing because he thought he had just seen 3 mermaids. He continued to walk with us the rest of the way, laughing continuously. Oh, and have I mentioned we're known around here as Charlie's Angels? Hahahaha...yeah, it's true, we are! Anyway, It took us a bit longer to figure out how to get all of us and all of our gear into our kayaks. Emily and I were in one kayak pulling the kayak full of the diving gear. Erica and Charlie each had their own. And we were off! Emily and I were going to be snorkling, pulling the kayaks over the to keep any boats away from us. We still saw plenty...Emily got to see a sting ray and I just enjoyed seeing it all the beauty that's down there. It's really incredible, but I think I've mentioned that before. I would have to say, for me the most interesting thing would have been as I got back in the kayak and Emily got in, we were pretty impressed with ourselves for being able to board with no steps...and I looked down in time to see a little crab, scurrying toward my crotch. I thought I was being very cool, trying to get it out with the oar, but then next thing I know, it's under me and I quietly said a word as I dumped us out of the kayak. Sheesh! I did later find out, from Chico...who was still laughing ridiculously...that I might have said that word a little louder than I thought since he heard it from the pier. :) It's time for our last supper at the palapa, and tonight we're having grouper with coconut gravy. Yippeeee! Charlie's going to fill you in on the under water activities that took place in a little bit. And, we'll add our last few pictures as well. I better go, Erica's screaming like a girl because a lizard just ran out of her suitcase.


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