Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Just another relaxing day...

So, today was another beautiful day with the weather. We've been pretty lucky! We slept in a bit and then were off for snorkeling with Greg...the 'turtle man'. He's extremely knowledgable about the reef and has been featured on the National Geographic channel and has won several awards. It has been windy the last couple of days, but today turned out to be a perfect day. He took us out in his boat within a half mile of the resort we're staying at, and it was amazing everything was so close! We started on the inside part of the reef and by the time we finished, 2 hours later, we were on the outside edge. Of course, Charlie has seen much more because of his years of diving, but us other Kansans were blown away. (That's why I'm writing this one!) The coral is beautiful and the sun was just right for the colors to pop. We saw a couple sea turtles, hundreds of blue tangs, big fish that impressed Charlie (I don't remember what kind), schools and schools of other fish and most impressive, a few spotted eagle rays. There was a huge eel that made me scream and drink a good amount of sea water and a lobster that Charlie thought would feed all of us. What a different world out there. I could have gone on for another few hours, except for the fact I wasn't able to kick my fins anymore! After we came back from heaven we ate lunch, and, believe it or not, relaxed some more. Who relaxes this much?! Erica swam all afternoon, Emily read a book in the hammock and Charlie and I just sat at the palapa enjoying the view. Supper tonight was lobster for Charlie, shrimp for me and chicken for the girls. Tomorrow, finally, Charlie gets to dive. He'll leave early in the morning. Us girls will probably have to shop, since he'll be gone. We'll fill you in on that tomorrow!

Until then...adios!

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