Thursday, December 28, 2006

The View from the Girls

After dropping Charlie off for his diving adventure, the girls were getting ready for an adventure of their own. Actually, Erica has wanted to parasail since the first day we landed. Emily wanted to watch. By the time we got over to the boat, they were both paid up and ready for fun. The 2 guys running the boat told the girls what to expect as we headed out.

Emily went first and ended up not being nervous at all. She was waving and flapping her arms (in honor of Uncle Bob). She was pretty excited when she got back to the boat because she saw 3 big sting rays.

She also tried to convince the captain that she saw a great white shark...which made him laugh hysterically. His response was something like, “Oh, hell no, mon, not in my warm water!” It was a perfect day, no clouds, no wind...and the water was only 8 feet deep.

Now it was Erica’s turn, and she was the one who ended up being nervous. She was smiling a nice little fake smile as she left and was about to burst when she landed. She also saw rays and some pretty big fish. Definitely a highlight of their trip and probably one of their life.

Now, here is the story of 3 girls getting to shop without a male present! What a time we had! We finally got to buy ourselves things we needed, really we did! This isn’t really a cheap place to shop, not like a lot of places we’ve been, but we all were able to talk a couple of items down so we didn’t pay so much.

Actually, t-shirts and most of the touristy stuff is more than most places. Something we were ‘warned’ about were the kids who sell jewelry...they will approach you attach themselves to you until you buy something.

We could be warned all we want, but they’re SO cute! We bought from Jose and if I could bring him home, I would. Anyway, when it was all said and done, we all 3 have necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets. J By the time Charlie returned and called us on our walkie talkie, we were officially out of money and he was forced to buy us lunch.

Worked out very well on our end, indeed.


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