Saturday, December 16, 2006

FAQ - How do I read this blog thing?

2006-12-16 12:35 pm

Wow! Lots of people have already contacted us with comments and how much they say they are gonna enjoy this blog.

Way cool!

The most popular question so far is "how do I read it"

Well, you have a couple of ways... you can come to the website when ever you would like, its free, and doesn't cost a thing...

(we emailed you... for those that may have missed it)

Or you can set up ATOM...

What is ATOM? From the site:

What is Atom?
Atom is one name for two things: It's both a new standard for developers, as well as a syndication format or "feed" for your blog. When a regularly updated site such as a blog has a feed, people can subscribe to it using software for reading syndicated content called a "newsreader." People like using readers for blogs because it allows them to catch up on all their favorites at once. Like checking email—without the SPAM.

Continue at the site if this sound slike something you'd like to set up, or just bookmark the and come back as often as you wish.

C - Out

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