Saturday, December 16, 2006


Sat 12-16-2006 1:00 am
Welcome to our BLOG. We'll try to update this daily, if we get a chance. Our current focus will be our upcoming trip to AC.

We are not in crunch time yet, but it will be here soon. Time to get packing! A few years ago, (ok, many...) I would be packing underwater video equipment, underwater photography equipment, two full sets of scuba gear and that was just for me!

With new weight limits (well, newer than the last time I did some major diving) I’ll have to evaluate everything we pack. If we knew more about the area, we might have a better idea of what to pack. Now, I need to mix "the last boy scout" a "ditch doc" and a technology guy into two 45 lb bags.

We have assembled more information about this trip than any other trip I have ever gone on.

It will be interesting to see how helpful all of the information we have gleaned about our trip via the internet and family and friends.

C - Out!

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befair said...

You are also several years older, not nearly as good physical shape, but go ahead, and swim with the "fishees".