Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sat Update

Sat 12-23-2006

Wow, we must have partied hard last night, no one budged until I woke up at 730 this morning, and I had to get everyone up and we had to rush for the boat to town.

Where we are staying is a little remote, ok it’s a lot remote. . . .About the only way you can get here is boat or helicopter, unless you want to try it on a golf cart, and hope you don’t get stuck in the huge potholes on the north end of the island. Everyone says don’t even try it, and after our golf cart trip yesterday and getting stuck close to town, we all agree!

The villa we are staying in is beautiful, lots of tile, and Belizean woodwork, very spacious, with a nice porch and fabulous ocean view.

Back to the “shopping trip” While the food is great at the Palapa here, the girls are looking for something a little more conventional, hence the trip to town.

The boat ride in is about 30 minutes each way, and we had our first rainy trip today. The rain was pretty light but since it is a totally open bow it is a concern.

Shopping is a little different here. Nothing like a Dillons or a Wal-mart. Our first stop was at “the greenhouse” a produce store. Next stop was one of the largest “grocery stores” a short walk about 3-4 blocks away.

Picked up some eggs, some Belikin and Fanta soda for the girls, but couldn’t find any meat to speak to there. Seems you need to go to the meat market for that! We were on a limited trip, time wise, so we caught a cab to Ali Babba’s, a town favorite for roasted chicken, but maybe a mile or so away. It was a horrible ride, maybe even worse than the golf cart ride. The roads down here are the pits… the only paved road here is the airstrip. Someone needs to get some road work in a hurry!

We picked up a couple of chickens, then off to the sausage factory for some bacon and sausage, another highly recommended place, run by a gal, Christina, the sausage and smoked Belizean bacon look great!

Em wanted to get her hair braided, but none of the places on the island (read street vendors) had opened up. When they finally showed up we only had a few minutes before the boat departs. We asked the boat staff if we had “a short ten minutes” as that’s what the vendor said it would take… Duane form the boat said… there is no such thing as a “Belizean short 10 minutes! Maybe she can get it done on Caye Calker trip.

Another 30 minute boat ride and we are back at the villa. Glad we have use a wheeled shopping cart, makes our shopping without a car much easier! Anyway we got our groceries put up, and ER and I went snorkeling at the small reef just south of the villa. Lots of fish and a few soft corals and sponges, but no lobster here.

We made our way back to the pier, were we saw about 20 lobster the day earlier. Not many here today, the big one got away, but caught a smaller one and handed it to ER, I think she enjoyed it. She screamed like a girl when it decide to jet away!

Hot Ali Babba chicken for lunch, then Siesta time for me! The girls went to the pool for a while then we all got cleaned up for supper.

V and I had some Creo Grouper and fresh cooked veggies by Chef Allen, and wonderful dinner, great flavor and very enjoyable!

Time to sign off and get to bed, big day on Sunday!

PS: Let us know if you check this out, leave a comment or two, let us know if you want more text or pictures! I’ll get them “approved” as soon as we can. The reason I set it up for approval is so someone can’t spam the blog with a bunch of porno.

C - Out!


Bob and Marilyn said...

Merry Christmas!!

Great Pics! Wish we were there with you!! FUN!!!

Happy New Year!!

Watch out for Stingrays!!!

Kit said...

Love the pictures and commentaries!! Looks like you're having a great time.
Hope your Christmas Eve is wonderful and your Christmas Day even better.

Diane said...

I have read your blog everyday. Sounds wonderful. The roads are bad to keep people out. Enjoy the isolation. Get food and stay on your porch all night.

Caye Caulker is even smaller than Ambergris so don't expect much more. Should be conch there and lobster pies.

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Diane, Steve and Ryan

Mandi Hulme said...

Hi Guys! Yes, I'm with Bob and out for those sting rays (Rest in Peace Crocodile Hunter) It looks like you guys are having a great time. Merry Christmas! Love, Mandi